Design, content management and copywriting

Analogue76 is the online home of Justin Reynolds, a web designer and writer based in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Web design

I've more than 15 years of experience of designing websites and developing content management solutions for all manner of clients in and around Edinburgh, Scotland, and beyond, from large organisations such as the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and the Scottish Episcopal Church, to writers and writing associations, and quite a few schools.

As well as taking many websites from concept to completion myself, I frequently work as part of a team on larger projects: over the past year for example I've helped larger design agencies develop sites for the Royal Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh, Buccleuch Property and The National Trust. I can integrate sites as required with a suitable content management solution, using popular and affordable web publishing systems such as ExpressionEngine and WordPress. Please see Web Design for details of my most recent projects.


I like to write as well as design. I blog about web design - and other design topics - on this site, and a wide range of other subjects on another blog, Metropolis/2520, including technology, film, music, philosophy and politics. I'm particularly interested in the concept of design as a motor for social change: you'll find much on both blogs about the utopian ideals of early modernist design, with particular reference to 20th century architecture and graphic design. Some of the posts on my blogs reproduce - with permission, one hastens to add - pieces I've written for various design magazines.

Images and illustrations

I've designed many graphics for client websites over the years, many of which are highlighted in Web Design. I design my own images from time to time, most of them digital collages created in Photoshop. Some of these, together with photos, are accumulating in the Images section.

Why is the website called Analogue76?

I'm not entirely sure. The site has been through a few name changes since I first published it, some 10 years ago. There are two reasons, perhaps, for the current name. First, it has a retro-futurist ambience that I rather like: 'analogue' indicates non-digital, but also somehow intimates the notion of technological progress. I thought that appending the word with a number - '76' has no particular significance - accentuates the effect (arguably). Second, I like electronic music, and 'Analogue76' evokes the image of an old synthesiser.

Having said all that, I have been thinking of changing the name, and may even do so before too long.

Contacting me

Please do contact me if you'd like to discuss web design, or anything else. You can find me on Twitter, Google+, Flickr, LinkedIn and about.me.