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Hosokawa’s cloud and light

Earlier this month I wrote a little post about the importance to me of Borders landscapes, particularly the massive skies we enjoy here. I can enjoy them any time I walk out of the office. Read more →

Content modelling with ExpressionEngine

I read with interest an article on A List Apart this week: Content Modelling: A Master Skill by Rachel Lovinger. The article highlights the importance of carefully designed content models: data containers for different types of website content. Read more →

Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 30 years old today

Today is St George's Day, Shakespeare's birthday, and, alarmingly, the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. While helping my parents move house earlier this year I came across my Spectrum, which occupied a position of some importance in our house from, I think, early 1983, to around 1986. Read more →

Instagram and the value of contrast

One of the most interesting posts I read about Facebook's acquisition of Instagram last week was this little piece by the BBC: Has Instagram made everyone's photos look the same?. Read more →

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