Thoughts on design and other matters

A borderless horizon

'We have indeed secreted a human age out of ourselves as spiders secrete their webs: an immense, all-encompassing ceiling…' A few thoughts on a striking passage by Fredric Jameson. Read more →

Red Road demolition

There are several good reasons why the decision to blow up Glasgow's Red Road towers during this year's Commonwealth Games is a bad idea. And one rather esoteric reason why it might be an interesting one. Read more →

Glasgow textures

It would be platitudinous to note that it frequently rains in Glasgow. That the city is often cloaked in a Stygian murk, a fine veil of rain, low clouds scudding over its monumental architecture. That is not a criticism. Read more →

Shukhov’s tower

It watched over the revolutionary turmoil of 1920s Russia, the dictatorship of Stalin, the Nazi advance to the borders of the Moscow, the long years of Soviet decline and eventual collapse, and the rise of a new Russian autocracy under Vladimir Putin. Read more →

On Brutalism

As every designer knows, design is not art. Designers don't create for the sake of creating: they seek to solve communications problems for their clients, drawing upon a toolkit of proven, sober, hard-won design methodologies and techniques. Read more →

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