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Two new diocesan websites

The past few busy months are beginning to yield some new Lucent-designed websites. I've just completed a couple of new websites for two dioceses within the Scottish Episcopal Church, the latest in a series of sites in the development of a cohesive online identity for the church. Read more →

New website for St Margaret’s Academy, Devon

Thanks very much to St Margaret's Academy for asking me to redesign their website this summer, which has just gone live. St Margaret's is a popular primary school in Devon which achieved academy status recently following an 'Outstanding' Ofsted report. Read more →

New website for SGOIS

I've been glad to have the opportunity this summer to help develop a new site for the St George Orthodox Information Service (SGOIS), which has been serving the Orthodox community in Britain and beyond for more than 40 years, providing Orthodox news, church supplies and books. Read more →

Two and a half cheers for longer term contracts

I've just started work on a major new project and, as always at these times, find myself quite extraordinarily busy. Not just because of all that needs to be done to get a new project off the ground: the finalising of contracts and schedules, research, the gathering and trial of ideas that may or may not work. Read more →

Coffee shop ambience

There's something about coffee shops that quite dramatically improves my productivity. Many of my most effective working days happen when I'm able to get out of my home office and amble from coffee house to coffee house. Read more →

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