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Sci-fi dreams: a month in the TechCube

It's been a month now since I started working in the hotdesking space at the Edinburgh TechCube. I'd been looking for open office space for a while since moving to Edinburgh last autumn, having realised some time ago that I'm no longer able to work from home with any pretence of efficiency. Read more →

Another view of self-employment

I'm writing this not to counter, but to complement the perspective on self-employment by Christine Wilde published on Everyday Designer on 19 June. I agree with all Christine says about the importance of finding enjoyment and meaning in one's work. As I say below self-employment opens possibilities for designing a fulfilling working life transcending many of the compromises inherent in salaried employment Read more →

Apple and simplicity

Like most designers - and indeed non-designers - I'm half in love with Apple. Only half because, heaven knows, they're not saints. Suffice to say I refer you to the reports earlier this week of tax evasion, and the continued concern about working conditions at Foxconn. Read more →

Music for Tax Returns

In the late 1970s Brian Eno released four albums consisting of glacial, shimmering ambient tracks that make for calming background listening while working. Read more →

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