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Glasgow textures

It would be platitudinous to note that it frequently rains in Glasgow. That the city is often cloaked in a Stygian murk, a fine veil of rain, low clouds scudding over its monumental architecture. That is not a criticism. Read more →

On Brutalism

As every designer knows, design is not art. Designers don't create for the sake of creating: they seek to solve communications problems for their clients, drawing upon a toolkit of proven, sober, hard-won design methodologies and techniques. Read more →

Dark forest, old dreams

A white horse. A white gowned maiden. Crashing waterfalls, forest murk, rain-soaked hills and a dark knight waiting in a silent glade. I first saw director Roger Christian's Black Angel so many years ago I've never quite been sure which of those scattered memories might have been dreams. Read more →

Christmas 1977

After a particularly exhausting runup to the holidays I've spent more time passively consuming Christmas TV than usual this year. I've forgotten much of it already, but as a long time MR James fan I enjoyed Mark Gatiss' adaptation of The Tractate Middoth and the Jamesian gloom (with reference both to MR James and Henry James) of The Thirteenth Tale. A nod also to Death Comes to Pemberley, which got me through a rather nasty cold. Read more →

The rise of Solidarity, retold

Another week, another film review. Its run here in Edinburgh is sadly limited - I caught one of only two showings at the Vue Cinema on Leith Street - but if opportunity allows I recommend a look at Polish director Andrzej Wajda's tense dramatisation of the founding of the Solidarity movement, Lech Wałęsa: Man of Hope. Read more →

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