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Double exposure, 1929 and today

Man with a Movie Camera, another in the excellent Edinburgh Filmhouse Introduction to European Cinema season I've been enjoying this year, is a film of special interest to any graphic designer. Read more →

Metropolis, ancient and modern

I was glad to catch the restored version of Fritz Lang's 1927 epic Metropolis at the Edinburgh Filmhouse last week. The full version of the film was cut shortly after its initial release, the missing scenes only turning up as late as 2008 (a back room in Buenos Aires, curiously). So what we have now is more or less the director's cut. Read more →

Australian sunlight

I enjoyed the first of the BBC4 two-parter The Art of Australia yesterday evening. In particular the work of the late 19th century 'Hiedelberg School', a small group working in the impressionist style. Read more →

Joy Division Reworked

I was fortunate to catch Live_Transmission: Joy Division Reworked at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh yesterday evening. The show, a collaboration between electronic musician Scanner, the Heritage Orchestra and artist Matt Watkins, reworked musical and visual motifs associated with the group into new sound and film collages. Read more →

Sci-fi for the 99 percent

Like most who have seen it I was somewhat disappointed by Elysium, the new film by Neill Blomkamp about a rebellion by the inhabitants of a polluted and impoverished Earth against a space colony open only to the rich. Read more →

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