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Christmas 1977

After a particularly exhausting runup to the holidays I've spent more time passively consuming Christmas TV than usual this year. I've forgotten much of it already, but as a long time MR James fan I enjoyed Mark Gatiss' adaptation of The Tractate Middoth and the Jamesian gloom (with reference both to MR James and Henry James) of The Thirteenth Tale. A nod also to Death Comes to Pemberley, which got me through a rather nasty cold. Read more →

Joy Division Reworked

I was fortunate to catch Live_Transmission: Joy Division Reworked at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh yesterday evening. The show, a collaboration between electronic musician Scanner, the Heritage Orchestra and artist Matt Watkins, reworked musical and visual motifs associated with the group into new sound and film collages. Read more →

A modernist design playlist

Modernist design and ambient music are two of my favourite things. I think both come from the same place: a desire for harmony, clarity, simplicity, light, and wide open spaces. Read more →

‘The Next Day’: interesting CD, interesting sleeve

Sorry: if you're not keen on David Bowie the rest of us can only apologise for the rather silly amount of media interest in him just now. The retrospective at the Victoria and Albert Museum and, of course, the surprise release of a new album a decade or so after apparent retirement have opened the floodgates for a worryingly high proportion of those of a certain age (40 and over) an excuse to recall their favourite Bowie album, character, film, tour etc. Read more →

‘Material honesty’

Kevin Goldman's fine piece on A List Apart the other day is further evidence of the growing consensus that a radically simple, 'honest' design style is best suited to the medium of the web. Read more →

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