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A ‘strange white light’

I'm taking some moments out from the renumerative industry of defining wp_query loops in WordPress to write a brief post about something somewhat unrelated. Read more →

Music for Tax Returns

In the late 1970s Brian Eno released four albums consisting of glacial, shimmering ambient tracks that make for calming background listening while working. Read more →

Saint Hildegard

Ancient choral music and 21st century ambient electronica have always been closely associated in my mind. They're two of my favourite musical genres, very often playing in the background while I'm working. Read more →

A new career in a new town

This post takes its name from a short David Bowie track I've always liked. It has a plaintive harmonica line that expresses the sadness of leaving an old home, and the uncertainty of what the future might hold. Read more →

Analogue signals

I've been getting nostalgic about nostalgia. Tidying up some old CDs I came across a dusty copy of the nicely titled Music Has The Right To Children, by the Edinburgh ambient electronics duo Boards of Canada. Read more →

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