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Double exposure, 1929 and today

Man with a Movie Camera, another in the excellent Edinburgh Filmhouse Introduction to European Cinema season I've been enjoying this year, is a film of special interest to any graphic designer. Read more →

Window seat

A few years ago Julieanne Kost published Window Seat, a collection of images taken on regular commercial flights, enhanced with Photoshop. I liked the idea, and thanks to the relative unobtrusiveness of smartphone cameras have built up a library of my own in-flight photos. Read more →

Cropping images

I've found that a common problem inexperienced content editors encounter is cropping an image to fit within a defined size on a web page template. As a reference for clients - and others who might find it useful - I thought I would write a litte post with an accompanying screencast to record the process I follow in cropping an image to a set width and height. Read more →

Compressive images

Just a quick post to note a responsive images technique that's worked reasonably for me, so far. I've written a few posts lately in which I've thought aloud about the best way to serve images to multiple browsing devices supporting varying image resolutions. Read more →

Complex Photoshop selections

One of the trickiest - and most frequent - Photoshop tasks I and other web designers face is making complex selections: the 'isolation' or 'cutting out' of a part of an image for use in a collage or overlay on another background. Read more →

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