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European futures

An essay discussing two books by writers from very different worlds suggesting alternatives to the European Union's perennial austerity. Read more →

All that is solid melts into air

Notes on a session at The HIghland Fling web conference in Edinburgh that have turned into a rather long reflection on the disruptive economic impact of increasingly rapid technological change. Read more →

Towards a new politics of wellbeing

Contemporary political debate so often seems to have a rather staged quality. The rhetoric of political exchange is sharp, spiky, often abusive. Yet the ferocity of debate is so often incommensurate with the material differences of policy at issue. Read more →

Platonist economics

Since the financial crash there's been much discussion of the nature and purpose of economics. Is it a science? Does it have any predictive power? Should it be modest in ambition, seeking simply to describe the accidental play of market forces and facilitate their smooth operation, or should it be oriented towards some vision of the common good? Read more →

Horizons for independence

Debates about next year's Scottish referendum tend to be curiously dry affairs, choked by statistical back and forth about the economic viability of independence. Read more →

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