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Revisiting Mega-City One

It's sobering to realise I left the imaginary world of Judge Dredd and Mega-City One more than 30 years ago when, some time in 1982, I cancelled my subscription to the sci-fi comic 2000AD. Read more →

Fishing in Utopia

Last week I wrote a piece about the financial uncertainties of self-employed life, uncertainties that dissuade many from giving up the perceived - and often still real - securities of a 'proper' salaried job. Read more →

The Spirit of ‘45

A brief notice for The Spirit of '45, a fine new political documentary directed by Ken Loach, currently showing for a week or so at selected cinemas. I saw it at the Cameo Picturehouse in Edinburgh on Sunday, and it's currently on at the Filmhouse. Read more →

Designing Utopia

During a busy start to the year this month I've been winding down in the evenings with suitably diverting reading matter: a history of the application of cybernetic mathematical models to the design of post-war Soviet economic policy. Read more →


The luminous glow of a new iPad display. The pleasing tactility of a smartphone cradled in the palm. The understated harmony of a carefully crafted interface. The translucent shimmer of a blinking LED signal. The razor sharpness of a high resolution digital image. Read more →

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