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Fishing in Utopia

Last week I wrote a piece about the financial uncertainties of self-employed life, uncertainties that dissuade many from giving up the perceived - and often still real - securities of a 'proper' salaried job. Read more →

Sea tones

I have escaped for a few days to a house beside the sea, on the East Anglian coast. After a rather exhausting few months I'm content to spend most of the time just looking out to the horizon. Read more →


Designers seek to illuminate solutions to communications problems through the disciplined application of clear, logical thought. Perhaps I'm getting on, but these days I find it so much easier to do that when the sun is shining. Read more →

Goodbye Voyager, soon

Apologies if this post sounds a somewhat portentous note, but I've always found contemplation of deep space rather consoling. Amid the blanket Budget coverage yesterday I was glad to spot a little story speculating that the Voyager 1 probe, launched in 1977, is on the verge of leaving the Solar System, the first object issued from Earth to do so. Read more →


It's been a little bit quiet here of late: a couple of projects have been keeping me busy, and I was away for part of January (a wonderful holiday about which I shall write here when time allows). Read more →

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