2013 Edinburgh Festival poster designs

Designing an effective poster for an Edinburgh Festival show is hard. So much competition, so difficult to stand out.

As a designer I take more interest in them than most, I suppose, looking for ideas that I might be able to adapt myself some time. Most of them meet the essential objective of communicating straightforwardly what the show is, where it is, and when, but very few stand out. Here - in my view - are 10 of the better ones. Forgive the image quality, all these were snapped in the street when passing.

For me, the most striking poster I've seen this year: a bold inversion of Nazi propaganda
I like this adaptation of the retro modernist style that's been quite popular of late
A spare elegant design that would make a good book cover
Suitably intricate
I like the typography and simple colour scheme
A simple combination of line art and photography that works
I'm juvenile enough to like this
Bold, and mildly disturbing
Fairly standard Photoshop trickery, but I like it
Photoshop effects again, and it evokes 1970s Evel Knievil era nostalgia