A ‘Brand Bible’ for Norwich Cathedral

Brand Bible cover

Having designed quite a few websites for churches I rather like the 'Brand Bible' that's been developed to establish style guidelines for Norwich Cathedral.

The brand was created by The Click Design Consultants, who've gone on to produce - quite literally - 'The Bible' for applying it across the Cathedral's range of communications media and products.

The design follows that of a traditional bible, featuring a black leather cover, double columns, a respectable serif typeface, red letter text, typographic ornaments, and even a reading ribbon. Biblical phrases and metaphors are used throughout in the service of exhorting of all responsible for employing the brand to keep on the straight and narrow.

Using the Cathedral's 'mark' correctly


Logo spacing

The guidelines remind me of another book that makes playful use of Christian iconography to discuss design do's and don'ts: The Ten Commandments of Typography/Type Heresy: Breaking the Ten Commandments of Typography by Paul Felton.

For more images, and the full story, see The Click's Norwich Cathedral page. The Brand Bible is also featured on the Creative Review website.

Thanks to David Cole of Mayfield Digital for tweeting news of the project the other day.