A break in the clouds

The stars are aligned, and I'm restarting my blog again after goodness knows how long. About two years actually. Things have been very, very busy.

They still are, but shifting circumstances have led to a break in the clouds, and I have found myself with time to redesign my website, and finally - finally - get a blog started.

What will I write about? I've been asking myself that each day I've been trying to get this site done. Design, primarily. Web design will feature rather heavily, of course, as that's what I've spent most of the past decade doing (more than that - I got started in web design in 1998). I hope I've learned enough since then to have some worthwhile things to share with the web community, and others.

But I'll also be writing about wider design issues, exploring why design is so important to me and so many people. I'll be reviewing design books, films and any exhibitions I'm fortunate enough to get to. And, if you're very lucky, I'll be sharing thoughts about the nature of design itself, about the desire to order the raw material of experience in a consistent, aesthetically pleasing fashion. Plenty to talk about then.

And I'll be posting regularly: I'm afraid I've accumulated quite a lot of material over the past few months while trying to make time to publish this site. So: if you're interested, keep watching the stars, @justinlucent and your RSS feed.