Designers seek to illuminate solutions to communications problems through the disciplined application of clear, logical thought. Perhaps I'm getting on, but these days I find it so much easier to do that when the sun is shining.

After a quite atrocious 'spring' May and June haven't been too bad at all. Certainly the light here in Edinburgh over the past few days has been exceptional: as sharp and distinct as I've experienced during the years I've lived in and around the city. Morning mists are dissolving into the most luminous skylines. Perhaps those impressions are fostered by the fresh sea winds gusting through the streets and the long wait we've had for the light arrive this year.

Whatever: the bright weather has been particularly energising. I'm convinced good weather and good design go together. When brilliance and transparency are all around it's easier to see the outline of a problem clearly, and discern the contours of a solution.