It's been a little bit quiet here of late: a couple of projects have been keeping me busy, and I was away for part of January (a wonderful holiday about which I shall write here when time allows).

But I've also been thinking for some time about recasting this blog somewhat, and indeed Lucent Web Design. I started the blog nearly a year ago now, with the intention of writing about all aspects of design, not just web design.

Most of my posts have been concerned with design in some shape or form, but, as I strongly suspected, I haven't had the discipline to keep on topic, and more and more I've found myself writing about whatever I've happened to be thinking about at the time. There are just too many interesting things beyond the always interesting but - dare I say it - occasionally esoteric world of web design.

One solution would be to have two blogs: one for matters related to design; another for sundry ramblings. That, I suppose, would be the 'professional' way of doing things: keeping 'business' and 'personal' matters separate.

I can see that some lines of work require strict observance of that distinction. But I don't think it matters that much for designers. When someone asks me to help with a design project they are not hiring a dispassionate engineer interested only in doing a set piece of work for money. They are hiring a person with interests outside design, many of which inform my work, even if the connections might sometimes seem obscure. I know of several clients who have chosen to work with me not primarily because of my design skills, but because we have found we have shared interests, and similar outlooks, on all sorts of things unrelated to the purely pragmatic aspects of building a website. And I love reading about non-work related matters on other designers' blogs.

So I'm going to try recasting this site as a channel for all of my interests, not just for whatever design skills I've developed over the years. It is often said that the web has opened new, much more informal ways of working and modes of communication. The next iteration of this site will be reshaped with that in mind.

Back soon.