Modernism(s) by the sea

Apartments with a seaview

Seafront tower block

I was fortunate to catch some extraordinary weather during a few days in Brighton last week. I was there for a conference but like many of the delegates and other attendees spent as much time as possible near the pier, on the beach.

As with most cities I don't know very well I was interested in taking a look at the architecture. Brighton's is particularly interesting. As with all English seaside towns there's a sense of fading grandeur, Regency and Victorian buildings in a state of genteel disintegration. There also many intriguing modernist experiments here and there, many from the first half of the 20th century exhibiting a 1920s/30s vogue for big windows, steel rails and cylindrical structures. Some seem to be borrowing elements from ocean liner design.

Here are a few photos of some of the curiousities in and around the city centre seafront.

Old and new



Glass balconies

Brighton wheel