Music for Tax Returns

In the late 1970s Brian Eno released four albums consisting of glacial, shimmering ambient tracks that make for calming background listening while working.

To assuage, somewhat, the yearly horror of negotiating the HM Revenue and Customs tax return website, I have compiled a fifth in the series, made up of similarly soothing pieces from various genres designed to offer a degree of consolation at each point in the submission process. Some landmarks:

Starting your tax return

Starting with something beautiful, to try to hold on to the realisation that when all's said and done none of this nonsense ultimately matters: Soave sia il vento, Mozart.

Business details

Entering the labyrinth, with Gnossiennes No 1 Erik Satie.

Pension savings tax charges and taxable lump sums from overseas pension schemes

Enfolding mists descend: Moss Garden, David Bowie.

Interest from gilt-edged and other UK securities, deeply discounted securities and accrued income profits

'As on a darkling plain': Landscape V, Toshio Hosokawa.

Stock dividends, non-qualifying distributions and loans written off

Beyond words, beyond consolation: Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten, Arvo Pärt.

Adjustments to tax due

In Darkness Let Me Dwell, John Dowland.

Any other information

Discerning shades of grey amongst the blackness: Treefingers, Radiohead.

Submit your tax return

Emerging into a sunlit, twittering clearing: Swallow Song, Vashti Bunyan.

Your tax return has been received

To be played at full volume: An Ending (Ascent), Brian Eno.