Sinclair ZX Spectrum: 30 years old today

My computer setup, old and new

Today is St George's Day, Shakespeare's birthday, and, alarmingly, the 30th anniversary of the launch of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

While helping my parents move house earlier this year I came across my Spectrum, which occupied a position of some importance in our house from, I think, early 1983, to around 1986. It was actually our third Spectrum - the first two broke soon after being plugged-in. I recall the return rate for new Spectrums was rather high: the factory in Dundee that produced them was under such pressure to meet demand that quality control was pretty poor.

I was keen on the Spectrum for a couple of years, then lost interest in computers for a long time. I did an arts degree then worked in journalism for a time, before my interest in technology was rekindled by the emergence of web in the 1990s.

Clearly the Spectrum did its job though, planting a seed of interest in my mind which eventually grew. Just wanted to say a quick thanks to all involved in making the Spectrum available to so many at an affordable price.

The BBC and Guardian have nice pieces about the anniversary.