The website formerly known as Lucent Web Design

As I mentioned in a blog post last month I've been rather undecided about this website for a while, feeling that it hasn't been wholly reflective of my current and future interests.

If a site is called 'Lucent Web Design' then visitors might expect, not unreasonably, that it will be concerned exclusively with just that: web design. But since I started my blog, almost exactly a year ago, the site's identity has blurred. It began to lose its focus as a formal showcase for web design and development services and gradually evolved into a curious hybrid: an increasingly freewheeling blog - dealing with every subject under the sun - with a web design portfolio awkwardly bolted on.

One solution would have been to re-confine my blog posts to web design issues. But I know I don't have the discipline to stay on topic. As I explained in that earlier blog post I want the freedom to write about whatever I happen to be thinking about at the time, web related or not.

I could have set up a separate blog to write about non-web subjects, and kept the design posts here, but I'd like this site to be more holistic than that, representative of all of my interests, not just a showcase for commercial services.

It's all about me

So I've decided to refocus the site. It's now more about me, Justin Reynolds, rather than a impersonal platform for the web design services. Or perhaps it would be more accurate to say it's not so much about me - that would be thin gruel indeed - but rather about the things I'm interested in. That's an important distinction.

Web design is still prominent. The About page continues to provide a stirring summary of my design services. And my web projects portfolio is still here, under Web design (renamed from 'Portfolio').


But - as outlined on the About page - I'm extending the range of services I offer. I now include copywriting. In addition to helping clients with the design and programming of their websites I also edit and write much of the content. That is an important but hitherto rather unacknowledged service I need to promote much more.


I'm also interested in the possibility of doing much more pure illustration, perhaps occasionally on a commercial basis. Over the years I've created many graphics in the course of designing websites for clients, but lately I've been increasingly interested in standalone illustration, and have started to accumulate a collection of images that thus far have been dispersed around the web, or exist only on my hard drive. So I've decided to give them a home by getting an Illustration section started with a few of the most recent. I'll be adding many more images from the archive, and uploading new ones.

A new name

Finally, and perhaps most noticeably, I've changed the name and address of this website. For the reasons already expressed 'Lucent Web Design' was too confining, so I've decided on a new, generic, indeed essentially meaningless, name. 'Lucent Web Design' was the chrysalis: 'Analogue76' is the beautiful butterfly. The primary significance of 'Analogue76' is that is has no significance. It's just a combination of a word I've always liked, 'analogue', with a number that I thought went well with it (no, I wasn't born in 1976 - I'm actually old enough to remember that year). For me 'Analogue76' has a pleasing retro-futurist ambience, communicating a sense both of the new and the past, like the crackling sound of an old radio in a summer garden… Whatever: that sense of 'past futures', of the new dimly perceived through an intermediating haze, is an aesthetic that has always appealed to me. Perhaps it's just me, but find 'analogue' a curious word because although its literal meaning is 'the opposite of digital', it still has a strong association with technology.

As well as allowing me to broaden the scope of services I offer under the umbrella of the site, dropping 'web design' from the name will also help my blog fit a bit better. Most of the posts will continue to be concerned with design and technology, but posts on other topics will, I hope, no longer seem quite so incongruous. (I have finally implemented blog categories to allow readers to make some sense of it all.) I've enjoyed blogging so much since starting again that I'm interested in the possibility of using the blog as a platform to begin exploring commercial opportunities for writing, on or offline.

I should point out that I will continue to support the domain name and its associated email addresses for the foreseeable future. At the time of writing I'm still sorting out email addresses for And I haven't changed the design. I still like its essential simplicity, and the Proxima Nova typeface..