WordUp Edinburgh 2013

I had a great time at WordUp Edinburgh 2013 on Saturday: fine speakers, a terrific audience and a very nice venue.

I was grateful to be given the opportunity to give a little presentation that explored the continued relevance of a classic web design article, A Dao of Web Design, published in 2000 by John Allsopp. My talk expanded on a blog post I wrote on the same topic last autumn, Contemporary web design and ‘truth to materials’.

My slides aren't going to be of much use to anyone who wasn't there, consisting primarily of images referencing aspects of 20th century design history, but they're available on Speaker Deck. The final slide provides links for the design posts discussed in the talk.

I was again impressed by the intellectual firepower evident in the WordPress community: all of the presentations I saw were excellent, and the questions from the floor sharp and well informed. But, more than that, it's a kind and gracious group of people, keen to help each other find new ways of pushing forward an already great publishing platform.

Special thanks to Martin Young and Taryn Wallis for taking the lead in organising the event.