Hampden Gurney Primary School

Hampden Gurney is a popular Church of England Primary School in a fantastic new building and great location in central London, just off Oxford Street.

Home page

I designed and developed a new website for Hampden Gurney, creating a clear, fresh design reflecting the school's friendly ethos and innovative new architecture. The design applies the school's red and white colour scheme, makes full use of the wonderful images supplied by Hampden Gurney, and uses the excellent Museo typeface for headings and subheadings to enhance the design's contemporary sheen.

The site features hard working news and events sections to communicate the school's busy schedule, and includes a popular set of photo galleries showcasing Hampden Gurney activities. It includes a directory of school policies and procedures, and details every aspect of the school's curriculum.

I integrated the design with the ExpressionEngine content management system to allow school staff to keep news and events and all other site content ticking over.