ScotWeave: ScotCad Textiles

ScotWeave is a Scottish Borders based company with an international client base specialising in computer aided design for all types of woven textile design.

Home page

Typical page in mobile view

I designed a new site that highlights the full range of CAD programs and services offered by ScotWeave. The design takes as many opportunities as possible to showcase designs developed with ScotWeave applications: the home page and each Products page feature slideshows illustrating weaves, and there's also a Gallery providing a further opportunity to highlight designs.

The site is integrated with the ExpressionEngine content management system to allow ScotCad staff to add, edit and delete pages, entries and images as required. Special care was taken to apply clear, striking typography to help communicate the ScotWeave brand: Typekit was used to serve the Din Condensed and Proxima Nova. A new logo was designed by Cohorts by Design.

The site was designed using responsive web design techniques to ensure the layout is optimised to the browsing device on which the site is being viewed.