St Mary’s Bourne Street

St Mary the Virgin is a parish church in Kensington, London, that continues to play an important role in representing and developing the Catholic tradition in the Church of England.

Home page

A typical page in tablet view

I undertook a complete redesign and redevelopment of the St Mary's site, developing a simple, elegant design that showcases the church's exceptional architecture and rich liturgical tradition.

The design employs a predominantly dark colour scheme to allow the striking images supplied by St Mary's to really shine. The lovely ... typeface from the Font Squirrel archive complemented the imagery and text perfectly.

The site's Calendar is perhaps the central feature of the site. We needed a very powerful calendaring system to provide the flexibility necessary to make it easy for St Mary's to enter and maintain the church's rich liturgical calendar. I selected the Calendar module by SolSpace, an extension to the ExpressionEngine content management system. This makes it easy to enter and adjust virtually any type of event: one off events, regular events, repeating events, events reoccurring irregularly - and so on.

I used another ExpressionEngine extension, Structure, to give St Mary's full control over the page hierarchy of the site's extensive About section. Structure makes it easy for the site's content editors can add, edit and delete the sections' pages and subsections.

The site is coded using responsive web design techniques: the layout adjusts according to the screen width of the browsing device.