The Breadwinner Bakery

The Breadwinner is one of the best known family run businesses in Edinburgh, producing a huge range of natural, freshly baked breads since 1973.

The Breadwinners' Master Bakers are true crafts people, and I sought to develop a strong, simple, contemporary design communicating the company's status as a well established but forward looking enterprise, employing the latest baking technologies and techniques.

The design employs The Breadwinner's signature black and gold colour scheme and VAG Rounded typeface, embedded using the Font Squrrel service. The home page features an image gallery providing striking images of Breadwinner produce, and highlights selected products from the company's range. These link through to an extensive products directory, organised into categories and subcategories, highlighting each Breadwinner product.

Other parts of the site highlight The Breadwinner's popular baking workshops, introduce the company's staff and history, and make it easy for potential wholesalers to get in touch.

I integrated the site with the ExpressionEngine content management system to give Breadwinner staff full control over the product directory and the rest of the site's content.