The St George Orthodox Information Service

The St George Orthodox Information Service (SGOIS) has been serving the Orthodox Christian community in Britain and beyond for more than 40 years, providing Orthodox news, church supplies and books.

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Following my design of a site for the Russian Orthodox Joy of All Who Sorrow Church in Suffolk a couple of years ago I was asked earlier this year to develop a site for SGOIS, to allow online distribution of the Service's newsletter and the selling of their products through an online store.

The store offers the full range of SGOIS stock, including church supplies such as candles and lamps, and a comprehensive selection of Orthodox books, CDs, DVDs, ikon prints and cards.

The site was developed using the ExpressionEngine content management system, with the Exp:resso Store module providing the core ecommerce functionality.

The SGOIS site is one of a family of sites I'm currently developing for the Mettingham Orthodox Trust, the umbrella organisation for SGOIS, the Joy of All Who Sorrow Church and Mettingham College, to be opened later this year.